Annie’s Homegrown Review and Giveaway!

October 28, 2013

I did NOT have the best of weekends – I had fun at Halloween party and I made some amazing recipes with apple butter (don’t worry, recipe to come soon!), but other than that, I fell into a huge pile of bad luck on Saturday.  I’m also going to appologize for the lack of photos  of the actual Annie’s product– we took plenty, but Josh’s computer turned into a really expensive, shiny brick this morning, so they’re temporarily unavailable 😉  In the meantime, enjoy while I recyle pictures of foods where I USED these tasty morsels.

 S'mores Pancakes -- using Annie's graham crackers. #Giveaway on @hiddenfruitnveg ending 11/5/2013

Anyway, bad mood for me = good day for everyone else, and not just because I stress made a cake that I brought into work.  Free stuff is good enough to cheer anyone up, so today I decided to post a giveaway!  I received a HUGE box of goodies from Annie’s Homegrown to review at least a month ago (probably two or three, if I’m being honest).  They sent me so much stuff, that I just finished going through it all this weekend.  You’ve been seeing these delicious noms make appearances in my posts, and now you can find out more about them and maybe win some for yourself!

Homemade S'mores Toaster Pastries -- using Annie's graham crackers. #Giveaway on @hiddenfruitnveg ending 11/5/2013

Cheddar Squares  – These were delightful!  They were similar to your average cheese cracker but a lot less greasy with the perfect amount of salt.  I used them to top off my cauliflower mac and cheese and it was perfection.

 Roasted Garlic Cauliflower Mac and Cheese -- using Annie's cheddar squares. #Giveaway on @hiddenfruitnveg ending 11/5/2013

Berry Patch Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks  – Another winner! Most fruit snacks have gelatin, so I can’t compare them to any other bread, but they were amazing.  I love that they are naturally flavored.

Organic Honey Graham Crackers – Sadly, 2 of the packages in the box weren’t sealed properly because these were tasty.  I used them in my smores toaster pastries and my smores pancakes, and also ate them with apple butter slathered on top.

 Naturally Sweetened Apple Butter slathered on Annie's graham crackers. #Giveaway on @hiddenfruitnveg ending 11/5/2013

Bunny Graham Friends – MY FAVORITE BY FAR.  Ask Josh his thoughts on them. Oh. Wait. I ate them all before he could even try one.  I didn’t use these in a single recipe, I just devoured by the handful.  I’ve also tried GF bunny grahams that I purchased myself and while the texture between the two is different, both are something I can’t trust myself around.

Organic Pretzel Bunnies – These were good, but nothing that blew my socks off.  I’m not really a huge fan of pretzels on their own, but I have big plans to eat more coating tempeh “chicken nuggets or dipped in pumpkin dip.

Bernie’s FarmTM  Mac & Cheese Shapes –  As someone who occasionally indulges in boxed mac and cheese (no judgment zone?), these were a great find. Made with non-animal enzymes, real cheese, and whole grains, this a healthier and tastier alternative to the standard blue box.

Spirals with Butter and Parmesan  – I could say all the same great things about these noodles, and I will.  I definitely preferred the cheese flavor, but this is a great way to mix it up and worth trying.

Now for the giveaway!  I have 4 coupons for a free item from Annie’s, up to $7.50 each.  Please check and make sure you have stores in the area that carry Annie’s before entering – I’ve never had a problem finding at least a couple items at my local grocery stores or organic market.  Four people will win one coupon each.  Coupons can be used in the USA, APOs, and FPOs and I’ll send `em out wherever you are.  Enter in the Rafflecopter below (may take a few minutes to load).

a Rafflecopter giveaway

BTW guys (most likely ladies), I finally joined the world of instagram!   Hurry up and call dibs on who gets to be my first follower.

Please note that I received free product from Annie’s to review and coupons to give away.  I was not compensated in any other way for this post and all opinions are 100% my own.

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    Sharon Nov 04, 2013

    organic fruit snacks

    gabrielle Nov 04, 2013

    Organic Pretzel Bunnies !!

    They sound awesome!

    Gail Fernandez Nov 04, 2013

    Iwould try the mac and cheese

    laurie nykaza Nov 04, 2013

    Annie’s gluten free mac and cheese is my son who has Celica’s disease is his favorite

    Samantha L. Nov 04, 2013

    I want to try the bunny grahams.

    Jennifer K Nov 04, 2013

    Since I’m a vegan, I think among the items I can try, the one that interests me the most is the bunny fruit snacks

    Cori Westphal Nov 03, 2013

    I’ve always wanted to give Annie’s white cheddar mac n cheese!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

    Meredith Nov 03, 2013

    I’m interested in trying the mac and cheese.

    Megan Nov 03, 2013

    I love Annie’s mac and cheese! Just like the “real” thing.

    readysetveg Nov 01, 2013

    I want to try all of the vegan options!

    Becca F Oct 31, 2013

    We gave out Annie’s Bunny Grahams tonight for the trick or treaters! The Spirals with butter and parmesan sounds really good.

    Diana B. (@VeggieNextDoor) Oct 31, 2013

    I eat a lot of Annie’s projects. The Bunny Grahams are my favorite!!! I’d like to try their new Honey Grahams.

    Lauren Oct 31, 2013

    I have had their vegan options and love the fruit snacks. I have yet to have the grapes galore fruit snacks. They sound so yummy; didn’t even know they existed until I just checked out the vegan foods on the site.

    helga Oct 31, 2013

    I would like to try the honey grahams.

    Candy Oct 31, 2013

    I loooove bunny grahams! Annie’s has such kid-friendly food…I love this brand 🙂

    Lydia Claire Oct 31, 2013

    Bunny grahams!

    charj Oct 31, 2013

    I would love to try the cheddar squares

    sarah Oct 31, 2013

    the graham crackers! They’re my favorite!

    Sara Floyd Oct 31, 2013

    The bunny fruit snacks look great

    sunducky Oct 31, 2013

    love to try the pretzel bunnies.

    shanbogen Oct 31, 2013

    I haven’t tried their pretzels before 🙂

    Reeni Oct 30, 2013

    I’m sorry you had such a bad day! Hope things are better now! You sure put all these Annie’s goodies to great use! Everything looks delicious.

    Reba-Not So Perfect Life Oct 30, 2013

    I love Annie’s stuff. Simple and tasty. Sorry about your bad day. Great job at funneling negative energy into something good!

    rhoni4 Oct 30, 2013

    Bernie’s FarmTM Mac & Cheese Shapes

    Candice Oct 30, 2013

    The Cheddar Squares sound delicious. I don’t think I have seen those before.

    Candice Oct 30, 2013

    The Spirals with Butter Parmesan mac and cheese.

    Allie Oct 30, 2013

    I would like to try the berry patch

    Richelle Oct 30, 2013

    The Cheddar Squares sound like a great snack for the whole family.

    Tara O. Oct 30, 2013

    I would love to try the Organic Pretzel Bunnies!

    anecdotesandapples Oct 29, 2013

    We had a bad weekend the week before…broken car and broken water heater…I’m feeling your pain! As for all this? Delicious! The mac and cheese sounds particularly good!

    Darlene Carbajal Oct 29, 2013

    I’d like to try the cheddar squares. 🙂

    Pamela @ Brooklyn Farm Girl Oct 29, 2013

    I am sorry to hear about your bummed weekend, so I invite you a virtual dance party to cheer up! I love Annie’s mac and cheese and crackers, pure dangerous!

    Natalie Oct 29, 2013

    I want to try the mac and cheese

    bethany Oct 29, 2013

    The pretzel bunnies look awesome

    Rachel Miller Oct 29, 2013

    I’ve tried and liked their Mac & Cheese…I’d really like to try the Spirals with Butter and Parmesan 🙂

    ashley Oct 29, 2013

    Sorry about your not so great weekend! I love Annie’s mac ‘n cheese!! Thanks for the giveaway!

    Plateful of Publix Oct 29, 2013

    We are big fans of Annie’s Homegrown products. We have liked every product we have tried from there and I think we’ve tried most of them! Thanks for the great giveaway and sharing your review. Hope you day is wonderful~

    witchywoman18618 Oct 29, 2013

    They all look so good would like to try them all.

    Kaci Guisinger Harrison Oct 29, 2013

    Bunny fruit snacks, berry patch. I’ve never tried any of Annies products, I don’t think I’ve even ever seen them anywhere but I am reading and hearing very good things and it makes me want to try the mac n cheese badly!! =) Thanks

      Kelly Oct 29, 2013

      In my experience, some grocery stores have Annie’s intermingled with other similar products and some have them sequested in a separate “natural” foods section. I’ve found that oddly enough, Target has the best selection in my area!

    Joanne Oct 29, 2013

    Gah I hate it when things go awry. Hopefully the computer gets fixed soon!! Annie’s products are the best! Love the mac and cheese.

    cookingactress Oct 28, 2013

    I love annie’s!!! those boxed mac n cheeses are SO much better than kraft!

    Gaby Oct 28, 2013

    If annie’s has anything gluten free I’d try it! Probably the gummy snacks, I used to go through the 5 lb bags of gummy bears from Sam’s club as a kid :X

      Kelly Oct 28, 2013

      check out the website — there is a TON of GF stuff. I’ve tried a lot of it and it’s all been delicious. The GF bunny grahams are amazing.

    Nikki Oct 28, 2013

    I love bunnies. All of the bunnies! I eat about a box a week.

    Kristen Oct 28, 2013

    Totally a sucker for graham crackers- sounds like a great time to make a graham cracker crust!

    makingthymeforhealth Oct 28, 2013

    Sorry to hear about your crappy luck! 🙁
    I love Annie’s mac n cheese; it’s my fave!

    Angela @ Another Bite Please Oct 28, 2013

    we eat lots of annie’s in our house…haven’t had the spiral noodles though yet. sorry about your computer 🙁

    Becky @ Olives n Wine Oct 28, 2013

    I think I was your first follower on the old ‘gram! 😉 Yay for joining! But boo for the computer :/ A great giveaway – love this brand!

    Em @ Love A Latte Oct 28, 2013

    Hope your week gets better than the weekend! I didn’t have the best of weekends either. Those Bunny Graham Friends sound delicious (and remind me of Teddy Grahams from when I was little!).