Broccoli Tikka Masala – Guest Post at Needs Salt

June 8, 2014

When I’m an at Indian restaurant, it seems like eeeeeveryone is ordering chicken tikka masala or grabbing it off of a buffet.  I’ve had the sauce with veggies and with paneer, and I have to say it’s totally crave-worthy.  So I made up a batch of the sauce, smothered broccoli with it, and shared it over at Everything Needs Salt.  While you’re checking out my broccoli tikka masala, click around and see everything Abbie is making.  Her delicious recipes will make you drool all over yourself and you won’t even mind.



P.S., this dish goes great with a pile of rice and a big pile of saag with tofu paneer.

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    Barbara Jun 10, 2014

    Just made this and it is awesome! Ive been ona chana masala kick and this was a great way to switch it up, thanks for the recipe!

      Kelly Jun 10, 2014

      Glad you liked it, Barbara! I think that’s the fastest anyone has made one of my recipes before 🙂

    Joanne Jun 10, 2014

    Ummm YUM. I haven’t had tikka masala sauce in ages, but I’m pretty sure this will be new favorite vehicle for it.

    Abbie @ Needs Salt Jun 09, 2014

    Thank you again for guest posting on my blog, Kelly! It was a total pleasure and honor to have you. 🙂

    How to Philosophize with Cake Jun 08, 2014

    That looks delicious! Broccoli sounds like a great vegetarian alternative to meat in tikka masala. 🙂