Sweet Pickles’ Kitty Bow Tie and Collar Giveaway!

February 17, 2014

It should definitely come as no surprise to you that I am a crazy cat lady.  Check my posts, the “About Us”, my instagram — it’s all cats, cats, cats.  Because I love my kitties and (as any self respecting Whovian knows) bow ties are cool, my cats are always rocking the dapper bow tie look.  How did they get so stylish?  Sweet Pickles‘.  No, not a crunchy and delectable treat (though, they do love green beans!) but Sweet Pickles’ Designs, the makers of adorable cat bow ties and collars.

Peter and Chester Green Bean

Yup. Those are my boys going crazy over a green bean.

I first found them on Etsy.  I could pretend I stumbled across them, but I was most definitely scouring the internet for cat bow ties.  A girl has to have hobbies.  I immediately bought my fur babies the Sherlock and the Watson.  They sell collars too, but if you’re solely interested in bow tie, they slide right on to whatever collar you already have.  This was good news for me, because Peter is a collar licker — anyone else have that problem with their cat?  He only gets a few months of wear out of a collar before it’s a total fuzzy mess.  Maybe if I got him a glitter collar, he’d stop that.  Such a diva.

Chester modeling Sweet Pickles' bow tie

The folks at Sweet Pickles’ Designs are so nice, they want to deck your kitty out in a new collar and bow tie.  May I suggest the Kittylicious on the Dreamer?  Or the Julep on Teal The Cats Come Home?  <– Those names are too awesome.  Scroll down the Rafflecopter to enter (may take a minute to load).  Open to US residents (and cat lovers!) only.

Peter in his Sweet Pickles' bow tie
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Brother best friends rockin' bow ties

Note that I’ve had these bow ties for a while and my cats are big fuzzy mess balls — they really hold up well!

Disclaimer:  Sweet Pickles’ Designs provided the collar and bow tie for the giveaway.  I was in no way compensated for my time — unless you count a legitimate excuse for a kitty photoshoot a compensation (I might).

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    bethany Feb 26, 2014

    Dana, black and white and testy all over!

    Jessica Whitehouse Feb 25, 2014

    One morning last summer, I found a tiny, flea-ridden, starving, orange bundle hiding in a bush. My husband told me we could NOT keep this cat. He agreed to let me feed him and clean him up, but hubby was adamant that the cat would be finding a new home. That evening, the kitten curled up on Daddy’s chest and fell asleep. Eight month’s later, Tiger’s favorite spot is still curled up in Dad’s lap.

    hmromoser Feb 25, 2014

    My cat Lil Abner would get it.

    Chloe Mossa Feb 25, 2014

    The lucky kitty is Maui, I found him one day and fell in love.. he’s been part of our family for 5 years now <3

    penelope merriweather Feb 23, 2014

    The lucky kitty in my household would be Melvin..! What a great idea!

    Mer Feb 22, 2014

    My tuxedo kitty is sadly underdressed due to his lack of a bowtie. These are so cute, and I know he’d look adorable in one!

    Marty Musser Feb 22, 2014

    Our boy, Bender. He’d look so cute in a bow tie!

    Deborah Caudill Feb 22, 2014

    Our cat, Ziva, would get the adorable little bow tie and would prance around in the house to show off for everyone. Thanks!

      Kelly Feb 22, 2014

      Deborah, Ziva sounds so cute! I love when kitties act proud when you put a new collar on them 🙂

    Karrie Millheim Feb 22, 2014

    our little guy Caden 🙂

    natalie yeoman Feb 21, 2014

    her name is ping she has two different colored eye shes a cutie

    Reeni Feb 18, 2014

    These are so cute! Moon doesn’t wear a collar! I tried many times but he had a fit and went crazy. I also tried to make him wear a sweater. He wiggled right out of it. 🙂

      Kelly Feb 19, 2014

      Reeni, Peter is the same way about sweaters! Chester, on the other hand, thinks he’s being punished with the sweater and gets really calm and cuddly. It’s so cute.

    Maryann D. Feb 18, 2014

    What beautiful cats!

    Kate Feb 17, 2014

    My family cat Cookie. He’s so fussy that I’m not sure it would stay on for long. If that were the case, I might consider giving it to my friend’s cat, Lyra, who is laid back and awesome.

      Kelly Feb 18, 2014

      Kate, it just slides on a collar. If he won’t keep a collar on, I know that feeling! Peter (extra fluffy one) goes in phases where he’ll pull his collar off every day for weeks, and then suddenly want to leave it on for months.

    Casey (@saltedplates) Feb 17, 2014

    Detective Munch would love to win as he is always looking for ways to make his tuxedo even more formal!

      Kelly Feb 18, 2014

      Ha, Casey! That’s adorable

    cheri Feb 17, 2014

    So adorable!