Super Quick and Easy Whole Wheat Bread

April 8, 2013

*Pictures Updated on 8/15/13*

Bound to happen once in a while – a recipe with no fruits or veggies 😉 I very rarely buy bread at the store anymore.  Not only do I obviously find it fun to make and bake bread, but there are just so many weird, unpronounceable ingredients thrown in to store bought bread.  Home made bread doesn’t last as long as store bought for that same reason, so I find myself making a new loaf every few days or freezing bread to pull out later.  Though I have a bread machine which I think is absolutely fabulous, sometimes you don’t want to wait 3 hours to have a slice of bread!  I’m also finding it near impossible to find a 100% whole grain recipe for the bread machine that rises properly and tastes great (if you have a good recipe, please please link me!).  That’s where this recipes comes to the rescue!  Mixed up, baked, and ready to slice in just over an hour – I’m not sure it gets any better than this!

Quick and Easy Whole Wheat Bread

This recipe is all thanks to stumbling onto this recipe from Angie’s Recipes.  I had never heard of a cold oven method before, and I’m so glad I tried it out.  Even better, is there is no kneading (and, therefore, my pants don’t end up mysteriously covered in dough bits).  The first time I made this bread was to go with my smoky Swiss cheese spinach soup.  If you read that post, you’ll know it was a complete and total disaster.  I tried to make the recipe as written, but I didn’t have fresh yeast.  I misread a conversion chart and ended up with EIGHT TIMES the required amount of yeast – needless to say, this bread tasted like poison.  When I worked up the courage to try this bread again, I very so much didn’t want to make the same mistake again, that I took the recipe as inspiration and tried to run (okay, more of a gentle stroll) in the opposite direction.

Quick and Easy Whole Wheat Bread

The resulting bread?  Phenomenal.  It has a nice whole wheat flavor, some crunch from the added seeds, and an overall amazing taste from the addition of the balsamic vinegar.  I immediately used the end pieces to make croutons – incredibly.  I’ve also used the bread to make toast, sandwiches… and pretty much anything else you use bread for ;-).  I think I’ve definitely found my favorite every day homemade bread recipe.

5.0 from 2 reviews

Super Quick and Easy Whole Wheat Bread
Serves: 14

  • 4 ½ c white whole wheat flour
  • 2 tsp salt
  • ½ c sesame seeds (optional: extra for top)
  • ½ c flax seeds (optional: extra for top)
  • 1 tbsp sugar
  • 4 tsp dry active yeast
  • 2 tbsp balsamic vinegar
  • 2 ½ c water, warm to the touch

  1. Prepare a bread/loaf pan by lining with parchment paper. Perfectly fitting to the an is not necessary as the dough will help weigh it down and expand to fill out the pan.
  2. Combine flour, salt, sesame seeds, flax, and sugar. Make a small well and add yeast. Mix vinegar and water, and pour into flour mixture. Stir until well combined. The dough will be sticky, no need to knead.
  3. Spoon the dough into the loaf pan. Smooth the top with the back of a spoon. Top with extra seeds, if desired.
  4. Place loaf pan into a cold oven. Set oven to 350° F (Yes! You will preheat the oven with the bread inside). Bake for one hour, or until a toothpick comes out clean.
  5. Let cool and slice.

Looking to lower the calories? Feel free to swap out the seeds for other favorites or leave out entirely to save ~55 calories a slice! Depending on the size/shape of your loaf pan, you might get more or fewer slices of bread out of one loaf.

Nutrition Information
Calories: 190 Fat: 5g Carbohydrates: 30g Fiber: 7g Protein: 8g


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    Calzy Sep 02, 2015

    What can be used instead of vinegar. Would egg white do wonders?

    Gail Feb 01, 2015

    I would like to make this! What would be different if one used ground flaxseed instead of whole?

      Kelly Feb 01, 2015

      I’m afraid ground flax might create a strange texture since it gels with moisture and acts like an egg. I’d recommend just leaving the flax out entirely if you don’t want to pick up a second kind of flax. It’s great with other seeds subbed in, too.

      I love this bread! Feb 20, 2016

      I have used ground or regular flax seed with no problem. Sometime I let the bread sit in my warm oven for about 10 mins. then back for 1 hr. This is because my yeast is a little older( kept in my refrigerator)

        Kelly Mar 17, 2016

        Thanks for letting us know!

      Lori Feb 20, 2017

      It works fine with ground flaxseed. I use various grains in it and have used chia seed.Experiment!

    Emily Dec 24, 2014

    This was the first time I tried this recipe and it turned out absolutely wonderful! This is now my go to bread recipe. The only trouble i had was that the parchment paper stuck to my bread, so I had to cut the sides and bottom of the loaf to get it off. I tried taking it off after the bread had cooled, maybe I should have tried to take it off when it was warm? Next time I will grease the bread pan instead and see how that works. The bread itself is so good though and sliced very well. I can’t wait to make it again 🙂

      Kelly Dec 29, 2014

      Glad you liked it! I’m not sure why you had issues with sticking as I’ve never had any problems with parchment paper. Greasing the pan should do the trick!

    mary Sep 28, 2014

    We would like to portion control by making 14 rolls instead of a loaf. Have you ever tried it? Any advice.

      Kelly Sep 28, 2014

      I haven’t tried it. I would recommend you make as is and just slice it. The rest of the loaf can be stored in the freezer and out of reach

    lori deal May 25, 2014

    I am continuing to make this bread always modifying the recipe. I made it today with a little coconut, almond flour, oat flour, agave, cornmeal and oats added in random amts with the white wheat flour. I do like to preheat my gas oven to warm about 130 or 140 degrees turn it off and leave the bread in about 20 mins. then turn it on to cook. This gives it a little longer rising time. Sometimes I cook at 325 degrees and leave it to bake until done. Experiment! I have never made it the same way twice. I have not tried the seeds in the recipe. I also use very little cornmeal. Today I doubled the recipe and used 1/4 cup cornmeal. I did not like too much cornmeal. It is in the oven and I look forward to today’s recipe adventure!

      Kelly May 26, 2014

      What a great idea to try using different flours and even cornmeal! Thanks for sharing.

    Tricia Apr 10, 2014

    If I use convection oven, the preheating time might be shorter, will it still work? How should I adjust the baking time?

      Kelly Apr 10, 2014

      Tricia – I’m really not sure. I didn’t do any recipe testing for a convection oven, so I don’t feel like I can give you very good advice. (I honestly do not like using convections ovens and actively avoid it, so my experience is very, very limited). I did a Google search and found “” which converts the temp and cooking time for normal baked goods. Hope it’s helpful!

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    Lori Apr 05, 2014

    I mean’t my earlier post to read 4 cups flour and 1/2 cup oats.

    Lori Apr 05, 2014

    Love this bread. I used a little less than a tablespoon of Agave instead of sugar. I left out the flaxseed and sesame seeds. I also changed the recipe using 3 1/2 cups flour and 1/2 cup of oats. I may add a tiny bit more agave next time so it’s just a tiny bit sweeter. this thread has held up incredibly well to being sliced send for sandwiches without falling apart everywhere. I’m going to make more today for my friend. I did find that it took a little longer to cook. Probably because I lowered the temperature to 325 degrees for part of the cooking. Just keep an eye on the time and how it’s cooking. Thanks for this recipe!

      Kelly Apr 05, 2014

      Glad you liked the recipe Lori and that you made it your own! Sounds super yummy with the addition of oats.

    Wanda Huttner Nov 13, 2013

    I have now made this three times, modifying the amount of white whole wheat flour and have been disappointed each time. I am not new to whole wheat bread baking, and this recipe is so easy. Easier than others I have made. I wanted to like it, but I don’t. It never seems to bake enough and is always doughy, so I can’t eat it without toasting it. I don’t care for the taste, but I admit I haven’t yet omitted the balsamic vinegar. If anyone can help me make this just a TINY bit less dense and make it taste better, please tell me how. It is too easy to make to give up on.

      Kelly Nov 13, 2013

      Hi Wanda — the nature of a quicker bread means a denser texture (as you can see in the pictures). If you’re looking for a light sandwich bread, I’m afraid you’re never going to acheive it with a recipe this quick and still 100% whole wheat. I’m not sure how you’re ending up with a doughy texture. Different yeasts are “thirstier” and depending on the season will take in different amounts of moisture, but you’ve already tried varying the amount of wheat flour — are you putting it into a COLD conventional oven (not convection!)? Lengthen the baking time, if necessary, and make sure not to overmix the dough — really just barely enough to get everything mixed together. My only other recommendation would be buying an oven thermometer and making sure your oven temp is accurate, as that can definitely mess up a recipe. As for the taste, unless you hate balsamic, it doesn’t really add enough flavor to make you not like the taste. Make sure the sesame and flax you are adding isn’t bitter — also, are you using whole, not ground flax? Using flax meal would alter the texture as well.

      As always, everyone has different tastes. I like my wheat breads to taste wheaty and typically make no attempt to cover the wheat flavor (and even amped up the hippie/healthy kind of taste by adding flax here). It’s possible our tastebuds just don’t allign. Have you tried going back to the original recipe, linked in the post? It’s just as easy, but the measurements are in grams and you’ll need to find fresh yeast.

        Wanda Huttner Nov 13, 2013

        I am very accustomed to a denser bread in general. I have been eating (and, in the past, making) whole wheat bread. Also, my finished product looks exactly like the picture. I have not included sesame or flax so far because I had none on hand. Yes, i start with a cold oven. I agree that the small amount of balsamic vinegar should not be enough to affect the taste. I will try the Angie’s recipes. Thanks for trying to help.

          Kelly Nov 13, 2013

          omitting all of the seeds will definitely impact the texture and baking process. Angie’s recipes also uses seeds.

    Chantel Sep 23, 2013

    Okay, so it sounds like it’s pretty close to how it should be. The flavour is fantastic! I think I still have a lot to learn when it comes to making bread! (This was my first time). I used all purpose whole wheat flour. Is that the right kind, or is there another one out there that I should be using?

      Kelly Sep 23, 2013

      I’ve actually never seen all purpose whole wheat (only all purpose white). Are you outside the US? It’s possible they have different names.

        Chantel Sep 24, 2013

        Canada 😉

    Chantel Sep 23, 2013

    I made this today and it came out pretty dense. Is that normal, or is it possible that I did something wrong?

      Kelly Sep 23, 2013

      It’s not as light as a sandwich bread, but it’s definitely lighter than your standard quick bread (like banana bread). I feel like the picture does it justice. Did you use regular whole wheat flour instead of regular? That would likely make it more dense, as would overmixing or if your yeast was dead (this could be a result of old yeast or exposing it to extreme temps, i.e. using very hot or very cold water)

    Paula Aug 05, 2013

    I just made this, and it is delicious! I think I’m done paying over $4 a loaf for store-bought healthy bread because this tastes better anyway.

      Kelly Aug 05, 2013

      Thanks Paula! I love getting comments like this 🙂 With such a quick recipe and total control over the ingredients, no reason to ever go back to store bought!

    Christie - Food Done Light Apr 14, 2013

    I am loving this recipe Kelly. I have to try it soon. I love making bread too. I am really intrigued by the vinegar!

    Aimee @ ShugarySweets Apr 12, 2013

    Homemade bread is just a beautiful thing. Love this easy bread you have!!!

    Nicole @ Young, Broke and Hungry Apr 11, 2013

    You just blew my mind! This bread looks super easy and delicious! I am gonna make this recipe for dinner tonight to go along side the chicken noodle soup I made.

      Kelly Apr 11, 2013

      let me know how it turns out!

    makingthymeforhealth Apr 11, 2013

    That is some super fluffy bread! I’m glad I’m not the only one who likes butter (not real- of course) and jelly together. Yum!

      Kelly Apr 11, 2013

      I get some looks like I’m a crazy person when I do it, but it’s just so tasty!

    Monet Apr 10, 2013

    There is nothing like freshly baked bread. I need to get my bowls and pans out so I can make a batch! Thank you for sharing!

    Jen @ The Scrumptious Pumpkin Apr 10, 2013

    This is just about perfect – freshly baked homemade bread, that’s also quick and easy to make and looks like it tastes incredible! Love this recipe 🙂

    Sally Apr 10, 2013

    Nothing like a perfect WW bread recipe. Especially one as easy as this. I lvoe homemade bread. 8x the amoutn of yeast? so scary!

    marcie@flavorthemoments Apr 10, 2013

    This bread looks so rustic, wholesome, and delicious! I’m a sucker for homemade bread – it truly is one of my greatest weaknesses. I need to try baking my own soon, and we’ll see if anybody else in the house gets a slice!

    Ashley Bee Apr 10, 2013

    Making bread scares me, but this looks super easy!

      Kelly Apr 10, 2013

      It really is, I promise! If you didn’t have to physically scoop some yeast into the dough, you wouldn’t even know it’s there. Not scary at all 🙂

    crazyforcrust Apr 09, 2013

    I need to make my own bread. Thanks for the recipe!

    Fitcupcaker Apr 09, 2013

    This looks so good. Ive been thinking about making paleo bread but now I might just have to make whole wheat— both are great!

    Heather @ Fit Mama Real Food Apr 08, 2013

    I pretty much love EVERYTHING about this recipe! Healthy, easy and seriously, you preheat the bread while it begins to bake? Thanks for sharing!

      Kelly Apr 09, 2013

      It’s pretty amazing, right? My oven takes forever to preheat, so it’s pretty convenient!

    moderngirlnutrition Apr 08, 2013

    This looks so delicious! There really is nothing better than homemade bread. I’m intimidated with the whole yeast thing, but I definitely am going to pick up a pack next time I’m at the store just so I can make this bread 🙂

      Kelly Apr 09, 2013

      I forgot to put the equivalent, but if you’re using the individually portioned yeast packets, it’ll be two of them. There’s nothing intimidating about the yeast in this recipe, so it’s a great one to get your feet wet with.

    Reeni Apr 08, 2013

    That looks like a pretty awesome bread! The texture looks so perfectly even and soft! I can’t wait to try this cold method. I love Angie!

    Julia Apr 08, 2013

    I’ve been looking for a recipe like this! I have whole wheat flour that I need to use up and my bf eats sandwiches every day, so I think baking the bread homemade would be a nice treat. Your recipe looks fabulous!

      Kelly Apr 09, 2013

      It makes a pretty amazing sandwich!

    Becky @ Olives n Wine Apr 08, 2013

    8x the yeast??!? YIKES! I’m glad you decided to try it again because homemade bread is pretty much Heaven sent 🙂 I also freeze my bread to keep it fresh for longer!

      Kelly Apr 09, 2013

      I’m not sure what was wrong with me the first time. I was in a hurry to get it in the oven and just went a little insane I think!

    Em @ Love A Latte Apr 08, 2013

    This bread looks so good! I’d feel so good about homemade bread because you’re right there just is always too much added stuff to the store bought. Thanks for the bread inspiration! 🙂

    dishing up the dirt Apr 08, 2013

    I’m scared to death of yeast! This sounds wonderful though 🙂

      Kelly Apr 08, 2013

      That’s why this recipe is great! there’s none of the extra fuss or work of yeast. So long as your water is freezing cold or scalding hot, there’s no fear you’ll mess anything up 🙂

    cleaneatingveggiegirl Apr 08, 2013

    Yum, I love whole wheat bread! I am normally pretty intimidated with the idea of making my own bread, but your recipe actually does sound easy!!

      Kelly Apr 08, 2013

      It’s a great starter recipe if you’re new to working with yeast. I found this easier to make than any yeastless bread I’ve ever made — at least I didnt have to mash any bananas like for banana bread!

    Joanne Apr 08, 2013

    I’ve never heard of this method either but now I’m definitely going to have to try it! This loaf sounds wonderful!