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October 18, 2015

Olive Tapenade and Red Pepper Hummus Dip

Probably more of a surprise to see a post today than not, right? I didn’t mean to surprise take 1 month off from blogging, but apparently that’s what I did. With a shift in focus at work combined with some home renovations that have left me sleeping in the living room, I’ve just had a […]

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Zucchini “Crab” Cakes

Pathetic confession: I never got a garden planted this year. I prepped the area, fertilized, made a plan of what I wanted to grow… and then nothing. I had a busy first month-ish of summer and by the time it was A. not pouring on the weekend and B. I actually had the day free, […]

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Apple Cider Vinegar Tempeh Salad

One of the main complaints people have about soy (tofu, tempeh, etc.) is that it’s always trying to be something it’s not. That’s a complaint I hear about vegetarians a lot, too — why try and make something taste/feel like meat when it’s not meat? To me, it makes sense. You would season chicken or […]

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Honey Whipped Feta

Summer seems to just be slipping away — I feel like it used to last forever when I was younger, and now I’m lucky to have maybe 2 of my favorite summer outings a year. Let’s not even talk about all of the adventures I’ve never even had yet (tubing lazily down a river? Yup, […]

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Creamy Asiago and Spinach Dip

A couple of weeks ago we were hosting a game night and I put Josh in charge of snacks. He ran to the “fancy” party store and came back with some cheeses, a dip, crackers, and cookie chips (<– yes, those are as good as they sound). I don’t know if this says more about […]

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March 30, 2015

Whole Wheat Soft Pretzels

Can anyone resist soft pretzels? I used to love grabbing a hot buttery pretzel at the mall or eating a dozen at my sister’s in-law’s after a pretzel making party (what, you guys don’t have those?). Well, I used to. The pretzel place in my mall closed and was replaced with froyo, which is just […]

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