About Us

I’m the mind behind most of the recipes on here.  I genuinely enjoy eating most vegetables as long as they’re cooked – raw veggies and most fruits usually need a little more convincing.  My favorite part of cooking and baking is sneaking in healthy ingredients into meals that maybe wouldn’t otherwise be so healthy.  Oh, and the look on someone’s face when they eat something good for them that’s also crazy delicious.  My other hobbies are crocheting, gardening and canning (though, not usually very successfully), and being a crazy cat lady.  No joke, my life’s dream is to be a stay at home kitty mom.  Favorite ingredients are cheese, broccoli, and peanut butter.  I’d like to try making wine or beer in the future.
In charge of all things website-y and 99% of the pictures.  On the rare occasion Kelly tries to post or edit something, she tends to accidentally delete entire posts – so she’s not allowed to do that anymore.  I’m not really a fan of most fruits or vegetables on their own, so a lot of these recipes started out as a way to trick me into eating them.  I took photography classes in high school and college, so my favorite part of blogging is getting back into taking more pictures and getting a better understanding of framing, lighting, etc.  I actually recently built a soft box from cross stitch fabric and foam board for a cheap DIY way to get better lighting, and it’s drastically improved the food photos for the site.  My other hobbies include making t-shirts, gaming, and the internet at large.  My life’s dream is to own a Corgi ranch and roll around in fields full of puppies.  My favorite ingredients are chocolate, bacon, and whiskey.  I’d like to eventually build a WordPress theme for the blog from scratch.
Peter is the best kitty kitchen helper.  He likes to sit perched on a stool and tries to stick his paw into pretty much everything or run away with human noms.  In the rest of the house, he pretty much only likes me (Kelly) or you have to slowly approach, but in the kitchen he wants all of the attention in the world.   His favorite foods are lettuce, potato chips, and pureed pumpkin.  He’d like to eventually learn how to open doors on his own and work the can opener.
Chester is not the thinking one, he’s the potato one.  He tends to flop on the ground, ram into doors, run around squeaking at the ceiling, and wants to be held 100% of the time.  I swear I once heard him squeak “I’m lonely” while rubbing against my legs.  He’s so needy for attention, we had to come up with a special word (scrumbling) for his actions because the English language could not describe him well enough.  His favorite foods are any random floor noms he can get his face on. He’d like to eventually learn how to get us to stay home and scrumble with him everyday.