Zucchini “Crab” Cakes

Pathetic confession: I never got a garden planted this year. I prepped the area, fertilized, made a plan of what I wanted to grow… and then nothing. I had a busy first month-ish of summer and by the time it was A. not pouring on the weekend and B. I actually had the day free, it was almost August. I’ve always heard people say that years go faster as you get older, and I’m really seeing that more and more.

Zucchini “Crab” Cakes @hiddenfruitnvegLuckily, my boss has a garden that grows way more than his family can eat, so I’ve been swimming in zucchini and bell peppers (my favs!). The first time he brought them in, he also emailed a recipe for zucchini “crab” cakes. They sounded so good that I immediately made them that night and many times since. I’ve tweaked the recipe to get it just perfect for me and Josh (no frying, extra seasoning, extra veggies). I won’t promise that they taste exactly like crab cakes — they definitely don’t look just like them, either — but they taste pretty close. Topped with Greek yogurt remoulade, they’re guaranteed to squash a crab cake craving.

Zucchini “Crab” Cakes @hiddenfruitnvegHaaaa, see what I did there? Zucchini? Squash. I’ll see myself out.

Zucchini “Crab” Cakes @hiddenfruitnveg

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Zucchini “Crab” Cakes
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 

Serves: 10 cakes

  • 2½ c shredded zucchini
  • Salt
  • 1 c bread crumbs (whole wheat, gluten free, whatever you prefer)
  • 1 egg (see note for vegan)
  • 1½ tsp Chesapeake bay style seasoning (like Old Bay or other seafood seasoning)
  • ½ tsp Italian seasoning
  • Pepper, to taste
  • 1 small onion, minced
  • 2 medium stalks celery, diced
  • 1 bell pepper, diced (optional)
  • 2 tbsp butter, melted (or vegan butter)

  1. Preheat your oven to 400 degrees F. Spray a baking sheet generously with nonstick spray.
  2. Shred the zucchini into a strainer/colander (or transfer to one). Salt generously and mix. This will draw the salt out — if you skip this step,your cakes will be soggy. Let rest for 10 minutes and then press out all the water (I also use paper towel to ensure I get all of the water out). Most of the salt will come off with the water.
  3. Mix the remaining ingredients together in a bowl. Form into 10 patties and place on the baking sheet.
  4. Bake for 13 minutes. Carefully flip and bake an additional 13 minutes.
  5. Serve topped with remouladeor your favorite sauce.

For a vegan version, use 2 tbsp flax meal or 2 tbsp chia seeds mixed with 6 tbsp water. They don’t stick together quite as nicely with a flax or chia egg, so doubling up will help.

Nutrition Information
Serving size: 3 cakes Calories: 250 Fat: 10 Carbohydrates: 32 Fiber: 4 Protein: 8


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    GiGi Eats Aug 18, 2015

    Oh man! I would totally add some crab to this!!

      Kelly Aug 18, 2015

      Haha, defeats the purpose a little bit but I bet it would help stretch the crab and save some $$

    Ashleigh @Being Cheap is Easy Aug 17, 2015

    OMG, YUM! Remember how great my tomato plant looked on IG about a month ago? It’s all droopy and sad now. I’ve gotten ONE zucchini and about 5 cherry tomatoes. Wah wooomp. So sad! I need to find someone with an overflowing garden. PS- did you check out Aldi yet?!

      Kelly Aug 18, 2015

      No we haven’t been in there yet! The last thing Josh wanted to do during his birthday weekend was visit a grocery store (strange, right? lol), but I think we’ll make our way there tonight!

    Pamela @ Brooklyn Farm Girl Aug 17, 2015

    You know, I was just thinking of you last night and was going to send you a email saying hi and asking how the cats were. But now I just can’t stop thinking about these crab cakes! I love how you always put a healthy harvest spin on your recipes!

      Kelly Aug 18, 2015

      Aw, too sweet. The cats are doing great. They’re extra enjoying the season because I seem to be letting in at least 5 bugs per day for them to chase. Plus Charlie found a mouse, so that made for the best day ever for him (and a miserable day for me lol)