Alcoholic Butterbeer

May 1, 2014

Is anyone else still waiting for their owl?  You know, the one with your Hogwarts letter.  Mine is running over a decade late, but I’ll totally forgive them in exchange for a wand.  Or maybe just a magical goblet that is charmed to be a never ending glass of butterbeer.

Alcoholic Butterbeer

Is anyone else freaking beyond excited for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter expansion?  I’ve gone to the park at least once a year for the last few years, and I’m wholly obsessed with their butterbeer.  Since they haven’t announced an opening date for the new park yet, I’m just over here fan-girling and drinking my homemade butterbeer.  I decided to make it a little more enchanting by making it alcoholic.  I’ve had this both as a shot and as a cocktail, and it’s absolutely delicious either way!  It tastes pretty exactly like the stuff at the park, and I have to admit how ridiculously proud of myself I was when I first tasted this.

Alcoholic Butterbeer

Before you complain — I knooowwwww that at the park, the foam on top is one of the best parts.  I figured I’m already indulging in alcohol and a sugary drink (and maybe I make this more often than I really should?), so I didn’t want to put the foam on top, especially because the best way to make it isn’t the healthiest mix.  If you absolutely truly want the foam, microwave a little Cool Whip and add a few drops of butterscotch liqueur or coffee syrup.

Alcoholic Butterbeer
Prep time: 
Total time: 


  • Butterscotch liqueur (Any price bracket will work)
  • Whipped Cream flavored vodka (I suggest a mid- to high-quality)
  • Cream Soda

  1. For shots: Shake 1 part liqueur with 1 part vodka with ice. Strain and add a splash of soda to each shot
  2. For cocktails: In a glass, mix 1 shot liqueur and 1 shot whipped cream vodka. Add soda to dilute to your preference.

For best results, chill all ingredients before preparing.

Cream soda comes in clear and caramel colored varieties. I used the caramel colored for the full visual effect as the liqueur and vodka are both clear, but it is not necessary.

If you’re dying for a foam on top, microwave a little Cool Whip and stir in a few drops of butterscotch liqueur or coffee flavoring/syrup


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    Jess May 04, 2014

    These look amazing and super tasty!

    Joanne May 03, 2014

    I totally feel like I”m missing out being that I’ve NEVER HAD BUTTERBEER. Sigh. Time to get on that and make this my drink o’ summer!

      Kelly May 05, 2014

      Never had Butterbeer, whaaaa? You need a trip to Orlando, STAT.

    cheri May 01, 2014

    These sounds delicious, love butterscotch!