Still here – I promise!

July 16, 2013

Sorry I’ve been gone, I still have tasty food coming up for you soon and the Udi’s giveaway I’ve mentioned no less than 80 times (I’m super excited! Sorry, not sorry).  I normally only really talk about food, but let me vent my super awful week, k?

Wednesday was a particularly awful day.  I had to go to the orthodontist, but I don’t really mind that.  The real problem was my cat Chester had some sort of eye infection and I had to rush from work, to the ortho, grab Chester, and run all the way across town.  Josh skipped the vet because he had a migraine and by the time I got home, he was in rough shape.  Right around bed time he started shaking and couldn’t form real words or sentences, so I brought him in to the ER.  A few hours and shots later he was fine (phew!) but it was around 2 – 3 am on a weeknight.

Thursday and Friday were pretty uneventful (saw This is the End, which was a pretty hillarious movie!) and Saturday-day was actually really pleasant until Saturday night when the trouble started.  One of my teeth hurt so bad that I couldn’t focus on anything.  I probably looked like a child throwing a tantrum, just kicking and yelling and unable to complete any thoughts.  Over the course of Saturday and Sunday, I ingested every OTC painkiller and probably ate an entire tube of Orajel.  The only thing that made me feel halfway human was drinking cold water, so I’ve been extremely well hydrated! The absolute worst part about Sunday was that one of my super strength naproxen fell on the floor and Chester started chewing on it.  If you have pets, let me tell you that naproxen is EXTREMELY toxic to cats! Luckily, our vet was open for emergency hours on Sunday and we got him in.  My poor furry baby had to spend the night at the vets, ingest a big pile of charcoal, and was on IV fluids for 24 hours.  Have you seen a cat on an IV? It’s super pathetic.  Luckily, my sweet potato seems to be okay — just a few more vet visits and wrestling medication in his mouth 2x a day for another week.

By Monday, I was incredibly tired.  Chester wasn’t around to cuddle with and my tooth hurt so bad I hadn’t gotten any sleep since Saturday.  I made the oh-so-incredibly-smart decision to go to work while I waited for my ortho to open, drank a few glassfuls of Orajel, and proceeded to go immediately home as soon as humanly possible.  I actually got out to my car and drove about 100 yards before realizing I left my cold water and Orajel in my office, and I’m pretty certain my head almost exploded in pain.  Finally got into the ortho to find out it wasn’t from my Invisalign, they called the dentist and an incredibly sweet person overheard the phone conversation and gave up her appointment ( last of the day!) so I could get in.

My dentist did a simple test with some cold water, took some X-rays and told me one of my molars was dying.  I’m pretty impressed he could figure out what tooth it was before the X -ray because my entire mouth hurt so bad that I couldn’t even narrow it down to anything but the right side on the top.  He did a quick procedure to hold me and the abscess over and this morning I had an emergency root canal. Fun, right?

Writing it all out, I feel a little better and it doesn’t really look that bad.  Poor Chester has basically lived at the vet’s office, I had to shell out a million dollars to pretty much every human and kitty doctor in town… but silver lining, we’re all healthy and relatively pain free now!

Well.  Until the numbness wears off. Not excited for that moment, but right now I can’t feel any part of the right side of my face from my jaw to my eyebrows and today is going okay 🙂

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    makingthymeforhealth Jul 23, 2013

    Aw, I’m just seeing this now and I’m so sorry for your bout of awful events! I’m glad to hear everyone is okay though.

    Joanne Jul 20, 2013

    Tooth pain is the WORST. Feel better chica!!

      Kelly Jul 18, 2013

      Thanks! Getting a little better as we close in on the weekend — I’ve been dreaming about sleeping for a solid 12 hours on Saturday.

    Sara {Home is Where The Cookies Are} Jul 18, 2013

    Wow – tooth pain is one of the worst kinds there is! Honestly, I don’t know how you manage to post as often as you do when all is good anyway!! Take some time to recover, we’ll still be here when you get back! 😉 Jul 17, 2013

    Holy cow! That is a lot. I sure hope little Chester is feeling better. I adore cats (we Stella now) I love our dog but the cat is mine! I sure hope you feel better very soon! I can’t wait to see some new recipes.

    Christine @ 24 Carrot Kitchen Jul 17, 2013

    Gosh, sometimes it is one thing after another. I hope everything gets back to normal soon. Chester sounds like a cutie and you guys are wonderful to him.

    Becky @ Olives n Wine Jul 16, 2013

    Holy moly! Lots of medical emergencies going on in your household. Get some rest girlie!

      Kelly Jul 16, 2013

      Thanks! Not sure I’ll make it if it gets worse 😉

    Ashley Bee Jul 16, 2013

    Woah! Sorry you had such a rough week. Maybe the next recipe should be a cold, soft food? 😉

      Kelly Jul 16, 2013

      Like a dummy I tried to eat HOT SOUP yesterday — probably the worst pain of my life 🙂 Cold and soft is definitely the way to go. I’ve taken this as an excuse to eat lots of ice cream!

    Em @ Love A Latte Jul 16, 2013

    Oh my goodness! I’m so sorry you had to go through all that! I hope you are feeling better and that this week is much better 🙂

      Kelly Jul 16, 2013


    Reba - Not So Perfect Life Jul 16, 2013

    Oh no, sounds like you have been through a lot this last week. Your poor kitty and you will be in my thoughts today.

      Kelly Jul 16, 2013

      Thanks, Reba.